Invitation to participate in "Golden Autumn" festival

Reputable organizer of international festivals and folk festivals, Renaissance from Hungary, in cooperation with Adria Travel from Zagreb, invites you to

XIV. international festival competition "Golden Autumn" at Lake Balaton from 27.10.-30.10.2014.

The festival is for all age groups who want to present their customs and culture, and those who want to discover the creativity and traditions of other nations.
In festival competition can participate performing arts groups and solo performers from 5 years of age and over in the following nominations:

• vocal (classical/ traditional/ popular)
• choreography ( traditional/ ballroom/ clasical/ modern)
• instrumental music ( traditional/ spiritual/ popular/ popular - symphonic and other genres)
• performing arts ( miniatures/ reading arts/ performance excerpts)
• fashion theatre
• the artists of original genre and circus artists
• masters of the applied arts
• arts and Crafts

Participants are classified according to age groups:
• I age group 5-7 years
• II age group 8-12 years
• III age group 13-15 years
• IV age group 16-19 years
• V age group 20-25 years
• VI age group 26 and older

For more information please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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For information and the arrangements you can contact us via the contact form



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