Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme
Two week programme

Pulmonary rehabilitation is based on clinical and diagnostic methods which are combined with natural therapeutic factors and healing aerosol of the island of Lošinj, following Lošinj's hundred-year-old medical tradition.
The programme is intended for children and adults who have mild obstructive respiratory conditions, and is developed in collaboration with Croatian Pulmonary Society and Children's Hospital Srebrnjak from Zagreb.

Participants in the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme are:

- persons exposed to inhalation of smoke, vapour, dust and toxic gases or persons who work or live in polluted cities and because of that have higher risk for lung disease prevalence
- persons with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) categorized according the GOLD classification into degree 1 and 2, that is, therapy groups A and B
- persons suffering from asthma or chronic bronchitis
- persons with dyspnea, who do not walk much, persons with lower exertion tolerance, functionally damaged in everyday activities with exercise reduction.

Indisputable benefit of the programme is:

- reduction of disease symptoms, particularly the degree of dyspnea
- improvement of the quality of life
- improved tolerance of physical activity in daily life
- allows persons to be independent and to feel general well-being
- improved feeling of disease control
- reduces anxiety and depression
- reduces the cost of hospital treatment because exacerbations are rarer and hospitalization is shorter

The pulmonary rehabilitation programme is individually tailored to each user, depending on his condition, medical history and goals. The user will be educated to use skills and actions which will help him to breathe more easily and to achieve a prolonged period without illness symptoms. It will help him reduce the frequency of exacerbations; reduce medicine consumption throughout the year.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of nurses, nutritionists, psychologists and trained rehabilitation specialists (kinesiologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist) headed by medical specialist internist mr.sc. Anamarija Margan-Šulc, dr. med. The team will support and motivate you during the programme in the great ambient of the Vitality Hotel Punta.

The first and the last day include a check-up by the specialist doctor. During the first check up the doctor thoroughly studies the user's medical history. The check-up includes assessment of blood pressure, body weight, interview, and diagnostic method includes spirometry, oximetry and electrocardiography. For physical condition assessment there is a six-minute walk test with a dyspnea scale together with other tests necessary to obtain clinical assessment of the degree of illness severity and to determine the appropriate rehabilitation group for the user.

The pulmonary rehabilitation programme is determined by the assessment results.

The physical therapy concentrates on breathing exercises, respiratory muscle exercises and drainage exercises for easier expectoration. The user is being taught breathing techniques with the help of physical therapists in the therapeutic environment of the protected forest park.
The rehabilitation programme is assessed in the middle of the programme by the participant itself, and final assessment is done by the medical specialist's who repeats the initial check-ups and uses the results to benchmark the participant's progress and success of the programme.

Besides the expert medical team, natural healing factors of the island of Lošinj, for which the island of Lošinj has been proclaimed a health resort in 1892, will help improve your health. These factors are mild climate, solar radiation with an average of 2631 hours of sunshine, seawater that is constantly controlled and of flawless purity, marine aerosol with a lot of salt spray in the air, the algae in the waters of Lošinj (265 species), vegetation, clean air, in the summer pollen of olive tree, pine, blueberries and pollen of various aromatic plants and marine peloid.

Walks along the sea coast are exercised everyday.


- participants of the pulmonary rehabilitation programme must bring their medical records
- the best rehabilitation period is in the pre and post-season. The pre-season period is from 10.04.2014 until 20.06.2014, and the post-season is from 06.09.2014 until the hotel's closing date
- the rehabilitation is carried out individually or in groups. The optimal number of participants is from 8 to 15 in a group.
- the rehabilitation is carried out in six-day cycle, of which 3 hours a day are intended for exercise and one hour for education (hour and a half in the morning and hour and a half in the afternoon) and one hour is intended for education
- your health benefit will increase with frequent and longer participation in the programme (optimal participation period is 6 weeks). After completion of the programme, participants are recommended to continue with the exercises at home
- participants of the pulmonary rehabilitation programme have a full board service at the Vitality Hotel Punta.
The purpose of the pulmonary rehabilitation programme is to reduce symptoms and to improve quality of life in people with lung problems.


- cardiovascular disorders such as hypertension and heart disease (myocardiopathy, ischaemic heart disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease, congenital heart anomalies)
- respiratory tract infections and other infectious diseases (chronic or acute)
- acutisation or exacerbation of lung disease that requires hospitalization
- neuromuscular disease that disables implementation of the rehabilitation programme


- 2 x medical examination - blood pressure assessment, body weight, spirometry, oximetry, electrocardiography, interview, clinical assessment, results benchmark at the beginning and at the end of the stay
- 34 x exercises with the therapist – relaxation exercise, strength exercise, breathing exercise (60 min)
- 2 x nutrition counselling
- 2 x lecture – introductory and final lecture
- use of internet
- one beach bag and one beach towel per person for free use during the stay
- use of bathrobe and wellness slippers
- relax zone, fitness (subject to availability)
- indoor swimming pool with heated sea water and outdoor swimming pool with sea water
- beach chairs and parasols at the pool (subject to availability)

Programme price: 602,00 Euro per person
Accommodation is not included in the price. Supplement to the price list.



Arrival at the hotel in the afternoon.
Familiarizing with the pulmonary rehabilitation programme through introductory lecture. (1 hour)


Medical check-up.
On the first day the medical team meets each participant individually. In order to obtain a complete picture of the condition, the participant goes through questionnaires, interviews, specialist medical examination and a series of tests which examine physical condition. The programme is adjusted according to the results and goals. Consultations with a nutritionist.


After successful completion of the medical assessment which divided you in groups, you start with organized morning exercise with our therapists. (3 hours)


Morning and afternoon group exercise with the therapist by the tailored programme. (3 hours)


Morning and afternoon group exercise with the therapist by the tailored programme. (3 hours)


Morning and afternoon group exercise with the therapist by the tailored programme. (3 hours)


Morning and afternoon group exercise with the therapist by the tailored programme. (3 hours)


Morning and afternoon group exercise with the therapist by the tailored programme. (3 hours)


Morning: Nordic walking (2 hours)

Afternoon: rest period


Morning and afternoon group exercise with the therapist by the tailored programme. (3 hours)


Morning and afternoon group exercise with the therapist by the tailored programme. (3 hours)


Morning and afternoon group exercise with the therapist by the tailored programme. (3 hours)


Morning and afternoon group exercise with the therapist by the tailored programme. (3 hours)


Day dedicated to medical examination. Assessments and tests made on the first day are repeated in order to benchmark the condition of each participant. Benefit of the programme is being assessed. Last consultations with the medical team and nutritionist are being done.


Final lecture. (1 hour)

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